• This is what we all want and need: something that helps bridge that gap between Chiropractic and wellness in the mind of a new chiropractic patient. If you’re serious about educating your patients, get these videos!

    -Ryan Sorrell, D.C.
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LIFE University and The New Renaissance have teamed up to bring you the next generation in patient education.

Dr. Guy Riekeman and Dr. Joe Flesia revolutionized the way Chiropractors educated their patients about Chiropractic by introducing videos specializing in patient education. In the 80’s and 90’s, thousands of DCs quickly snapped up these videos and they had a consistent way to tell the story predictably and reliably to every new patient that walked through their door. Now, The New Renaissance, Dr. Guy Riekeman and Life University are welcoming a new era of patient education videos. These are not rehashes or slightly updated versions…they have been recreated to communicate to today’s consumer. You can be the first to view and receive your copy of these videos that will help you spread the vision of Chiropractic in each and every one of your communities.

Having these videos takes away the fear and apprehension of the unknown that patients have starting at a new chiropractic office.

-Dr. Aaron Londos
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We want to equip you with these features to share the chiropractic message.

Spanish versions of all forms, posters and videos are included with your purchase!


Bring complex ideas into focus.- download samples


Amplify the message of Chiropractic.


Speak to your patients in a positive way. - download sample

Research articles

I love these educational videos! They change how a patient thinks about Chiropractic right from the start. I have never had an educational tool that I am as confident in as these videos.

-Dr. Curt Gross
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+   What am I actually Purchasing?

You are purchasing a monthly subscription (plus a one-time set up fee) to a secure digital dashboard which provides access to all of the resources listed here. By making these resources available in this way you will be able to extend the reach of your practice into the age of digital media. All video resources can be streamed from any computer with internet access and all documents and posters can be shared digitally or printed. In addition to the digital downloads you will also be receiving three high quality VSC posters, an implementation manual, and two calls with Dr. Ed Plentz for maximum effectiveness.

+   What is a Digital Dashboard?

Once you purchase a subscription to this innovative product you will receive access to a digital dashboard. The dashboard is a secure website that gives you the ability to play the video resources from a computer in your office, download all forms and posters, as well as receive the latest articles from Today's Chiropractic Leadership.

+   Will these videos come on a DVD?

The short answer is no. These videos are part of a digital streaming package. When you purchase a subscription to this site you are buying access to a digital dashboard which gives you the ability to stream these videos from any computer with an internet connection. All videos will be HD quality and will provide a higher quality user experience than DVD.

life can be narrowed down to two simple choices.

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phone: 770-426-2663
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For more information, please contact us.

phone: 770-426-2663
email: productsupport@life.edu